ArqadeHelp me identify these two old games from before I knew English well
[+43] [1] miriku
[2010-11-18 20:04:00]
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First one is a PC RPG/platformer, circa EGA/386 era (early 90s). 4 small, square looking heroes that all follow in the footsteps of the leader, 2 shoot projectiles in mad spam mode, 2 are useless. They take missions/quests which are 2D side-scrolling, platforming levels. They only level up once in the game, and when they do, their stats drop briefly, then keep rising.

Odd quirk: The wizard and ranger had ranged attacks that were 95% of your DPS. The fighter and dwarf(?) only swung these useless 5-pixel swords.

The only mission I remember: Go to the elven town and save them from rampaging silkworm caterpillars. "Screenshot":

game one

Second one is for Sinclair Spectrum, crica late 80s. I had a Spectrum+ so it's not a 128 only game. I couldn't figure out anything to do in it other than walk around and eventually get in an ice cream truck looking van. At some point a blimp would show up from the left, and later my character would spontaneously die. Maybe the zeppelin would drop a bomb on you? I never figured out anything about what to do in it. There were no obvious things to collect, or any way to earn points (that I saw). "Screenshot":

game two

These are rather obscure games. I can't google anything for the first, and I've actually been going through Sinclair screenshots alphabetically with no luck.

(42) +1 for the "screenshots"! - Oak
I believe I know the first one, but I don't immediately know the name of it. I do believe I ran into it on Hardcore Gaming 101, though, so I'll check there when I get home. - Grace Note
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[+14] [2010-11-18 21:04:34] John Rudy

Would the first be part of the Sorcerian [1] series? When I saw your drawing, it reminded me that I'd had that game growing up. (Though I never really enjoyed it much, to be honest.) I couldn't remember its name to save my life, either -- it took quite a bit of scouring before I found it. :)

After more scouring, is it plausible that the second is Mailstrom [2]? (I never had a ZX Spectrum, so I'm just scouring Mobygames looking for more-or-less screen shot matches.)


(1) Yeah, this was the one I thought the first one was, as well. - Grace Note
(4) Looking more closely at Mailstrom's screen shots, I even see the zeppelin. I'm now convinced that it's the one! - John Rudy