Physical FitnessI'm trying to lose weight and fat, should I avoid having milk and cornflakes for breakfast?
[+1] [3] Jitendra Vyas
[2011-07-04 13:04:13]
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I like it, but should I avoid it?

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[+11] [2011-07-04 13:55:36] michael [ACCEPTED]

The first few ingredients of Kellogs corn flakes are: MILLED CORN, SUGAR, MALT FLAVORING, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. It contains 24g of carbohydrate per serving and no fat.

If you believe that people gain weight because of sugar and other refined carbohydrates, the 24 grams of carbs in this cereal should worry you, but the milk shouldn't.

If you believe people gain weight because of fat intake, the 0 grams of fat in the cereal looks perfect, and the milk should be skim.

I happen to believe that refined carbohydrates are the problem, as described in the published research on this page:

But, the jury is still out.

(6) +1 Agree, corn flakes are pretty much nutritionally worthless. Milk, depends what kind - I personally think that skim keeps all the sugars without the mitigating fat and should also be avoided. If you're going to drink milk, drink whole. - Greg
@Greg whole milk? Are you serious? The fat in whole milk is going to kill you. - JoJo
(9) @JoJo What evidence do you have to back up your assertion that whole milk is bad? Here's a study that says drinking whole milk correlates with reduced body fat percentage in children vs skim:The role of dietary calcium and other nutrients in moderating body fat in preschool children. B R Carruth and J D Skinner - michael
@michael For children sure, but adults is something else. - Salsero69
@michael I did a Google search on "skim milk vs whole milk" and all the results on the first page say that whole milk is unhealthy for anyone over 2 years old as @Salsero69 hinted at. I'm taking a wild stab here, but I'm guessing you and the question asker are over 2, so you shouldn't be drinking whole milk unless you are underweight. - JoJo
(6) @jojo There is plenty of advice, but no research to support your position. Whole milk reduces milk's percentage of sugar by volume and increases satiety. The assertion that milk is better processed than as a whole food is based on the false assumption that all fat is bad for you. - michael
(5) @jojo I bet you didn't know that whole milk reduced body fat in kids before I pointed you to the research. Why would something be good for preschoolers (5 year old, not 2 year olds), but not adults? If you have an answer, make sure it has some support. - michael
[+2] [2011-07-06 19:37:31] Florin Andrei

Carbs are carbs, whether they be cornflakes or soda or popcorn or chocolate. Reduce them if you want to lose fat. Lift some weights. Keep overall calories under control (not too low).

[+1] [2011-07-05 03:51:57] Anisha Kaul

For corn flakes, you can use the "double" toned milk. After getting the "double" toned milk, boil it fully, then let it cool down "completely". On the cooled milk, you'll see a layer of cream. Take that cream out with a spoon or a tea filter, before you put it in the corn flakes.

This way you'll consume a lesser amount of fat than with the usual milk.

Moreover if you are bent on having the cornflakes, then Kellogg;s have a new variety named "Kellogg's Special K". They claim it to be 98% fat free.

+1 Thanks Anisha - Jitendra Vyas
These type of milks are available in my City… which one I should choose. - Jitendra Vyas
@Jitendra Common, Amul's or Mother diary's "double" toned milk IS available throughout India. You need to search harder. And I would request you to avoid the local milk brand. At least I don't trust them. Amul should be preferred over Mother diary, if possible. - Anisha Kaul
Corn flakes should be pretty much fat-free anyway. Putting it on the box just sounds like a marketing gimick. - Brendan Long