Drupal AnswersHow to wrap anchor tags around images in views slideshow
[0] [0] mejpark
[2011-11-08 15:12:42]
[ views 6 theming ]

Firstly, here is the web site: <-- As you can see, there block-views-demo_featured-block_1 region.

Views is configured to display all Demo Featured content items in a slideshow.

I've added a URL field to the Demo Featured content type. I would like to make the images 'clickable' to direct users to the URL associated with each image.

I need to wrap the image in an anchor tag and set the href attribute to the URL specifed above.

What's the easiest way to achieve this?

The site is powered by drupal-6.22 and views-6.x-2.14 and views_slideshow-6.x-2.3 modules.