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[+62] [44] sunpech
[2010-09-13 19:36:35]
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There are so many free apps out in the Android Marketplace. I'm curious as to what applications other Android users are willing to pay for.

What Android applications do you pay for?

Please limit to one app per post.

(2) As much as I this is helping me find cool apps (I even upvoted it yesterday), this is definitely a subjective question. Voted to close. - keithjgrant
(3) @Keithjgrant: Generally subjective questions are given a pass when they are as useful as this - Casebash
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Just got Android paid apps in my country released today. Will update when i pay for my first =) - Anders
[+31] [2010-09-13 19:38:46] Michael Paulukonis

Tasker [1] - unrooted automation.


I have been thinking about purchasing Tasker. How does it stack up against Locale in terms of the number of things it can automate? - Strozykowski
Tasker can use most if not all of Locale's plugins, although I have never used Locale since it is approximately 4 dollars more than Tasker. - Bill Best
I use tasker to set ring levels at work; turn notifications off while in the bedside dock at home; and turn the GPS on while in the car dock. There is a lot of functionality that I haven't explored yet. - TomG
I bought this app after reading your answer... and I love it! Cheers! - ninjaPixel
After seeing this, I took the plunge and bought Tasker. I have to say that I certainly do not regret doing so. - Strozykowski
Okay, now I'm embarrassed. I bought Tasker ages ago (6 months?) on the basis of an article on Lifehacker (before the disastrous redesign) and having spent less than ten minutes on it, haven't actually got it to do anything... hangs head - syntheticbrain
Also try Llama, a free alternative concentrated on location based events. But you can as well configure it to do things based on time, etc. I don't have Tasker so I can't tell if it comes close, but this one is free! - hcpl
[+23] [2010-09-14 19:05:03] Michael Paulukonis

RoboDefense [1] -- after a week of playing the free version [2] I HAD to upgrade. Much to my wife's irritation.


(3) This game is seriously like crack... - Nathan Taylor
Ooh hadn't seen this. Been playing Hex Defense a lot this last week. Is RoboDefense the original? Can anyone compare them? - Drew Noakes
@Drew Noakes - Hex Defense is harder to the point of being less fun. I love RoboDefense. - JonnyP
[+21] [2010-09-13 19:44:45] Rohan Singh

Locale [1] - killer app that lets you set "conditions" and then have "actions" occur when those conditions are met. For example:

  • my Wi-Fi automatically turns on whenever I get home.

  • my screen brightness changes when I have the phone plugged in.

  • my Google Voice number gets routed to my desk phone when I am at work.

One of the best apps out there in my opinion.


very similar to Tasker - Jader Dias
Tasker does not require you to spend 15+ dollars on core features. Its like 7.50 USD for most of your needs. - Dmitriy Likhten
(3) To comment on this I have been running Tasker for a while and thought I would look into some Locale plugins. I have only found a few that weren't already built in to Tasker's core functionality. - Bill Best
(1) Ah no I should have posted my comment right here, check free alternative Llama. - hcpl
[+17] [2010-09-13 20:39:47] Bill Best

LauncherPro is free but by donating through his site you can get a LauncherPro Plus code which adds some pretty handy widgets and the ability to resize widgets on the homescreen.

It was definitely worth all 3 dollars considering how frequently he updates and adds features.

[+13] [2010-09-25 19:04:38] ninjaPixel

Swiftkey keyboard [1] - this app offers really great text prediction and learns how YOU write. It noticeably improves typing speed, especially when using the touchscreen as your input method. I think that this is even faster than swype as an input method.
Swiftkey is on special offer at just £0.60 this week before going up to it's full price, which I think will be £2.50


[+10] [2010-09-13 19:58:23] Paul Roub

I paid for, and loved, PDANet [1] -- no longer necessary for me with Froyo, but if you're on a carrier/phone that doesn't support or allow tethering, and you want a no-root option, it's well worth it.


Don't forget that the free version of PDAnet has the majority of functionality, except that you cannot access secure sites. Nonetheless, I could still effectively run WoW tethering off my phone (1.2sec lag; you get used to it). - mfg
Please see my contrasting review of EasyTether for OS X users.… - orange80
[+10] [2010-09-13 20:53:03] ninjaPixel

Math Alarm Clock [1]: I have real trouble getting out of bed in the mornings... This dastardly alarm won't stop until you solve a maths equation; and, if you set it to a sufficiently difficult level then, by the time you have solved it, you will be awake. Genius. Oh yeah, you can't simply open up the calculator app (and cheat) or turn down the volume either!

enter image description here


(7) "By the time you've solved it, you will be awake. Genius." -- Or by the time you're awake, you'll be a genius. ;) - Blumer
(1) Considering that I suck at Math, my wife will probably kill me before I solve the equation. - Shoan
(1) Seems the author is pretty unresponsive according to its page on the Market: AlarmClockPlus supports math alarms, too, apparently: - Argalatyr
As does Alarm Clock Xtreme. One neat feature of that one is that it allows you to increase the number of problems you have to solve each time you hit snooze. - Malachi
[+10] [2010-09-14 07:40:14] Pace

Beautiful Widgets by

This provides some nice HTC Style widgets if you decide to take sense off the phone. Skin support and regular updates.

[+10] [2010-09-21 17:23:46] shimonyk

Astro file manager [1] is a must have. The free version does everything, but it is so useful I paid for the pro. Pro just removes the ads, but it is such a great app that I wanted to make sure the developer got something.

enter image description here


[+7] [2010-09-13 21:36:19] Dmitriy Likhten

Titanium Backup [1] (root) -- A must when it comes to backing up apps and restoring after a flash of the rom or you fucking things up. The donation version is worth it. Also its so good its worth the money.

SetCPU [2] (root) -- Keeps my system underclocked when I mostly don't use it (actually I run 50% all the time unless im playing an intense game) increases battery life. Donate to these fellas.

ChompSMS [3] -- Should be the stock SMS tool. Pay to get rid of ads.

3D Gallery -- Should be the stock Gallery. Find a way to donate to these guys, its amazing. Comes with excelent Picasa support (very rare on android #$@$#)


Wow, 3D Gallery is great (and free!) - keithjgrant
[+6] [2010-09-13 23:45:26] Captain Toad

NewsRob Pro [1]

I live in my Google Reader account and have always been annoyed that the majority of apps for either Windows Phone or Android require a live connection - something I don't really get on the London Underground on the way to work. I don't use any Pro features except for the dark theme - I have an AMOLED screen so it saves power and helps me avoid headaches. Mainly I paid to support the developer.


Ditto about paying to support the developer. Google has their own reader app, which is free and works reasonably well; I sometimes use it, but at the moment I'm using NewsRob. - offby1
The big difference for me between the Google reader app and NewsRob is the offline support. Google's app doesn't even try and I can't use a 3G connection 30-150ft below ground. Also, Google's reader has issues scaling properly to a tablet sized (7" or bigger) screen. - Captain Toad
[+5] [2010-09-13 19:40:52] Matt Casto

Touchdown [1] - A better exchange app than the default Corporate Email and Corporate Calendar apps.


Not sure it's actually better, but one major plus is that it does NOT enable the Exchange sysadmin to remotely wipe the whole phone--see my post here:… - orange80
[+4] [2010-09-13 20:46:43] Brian

LauncherPro Plus. I don't use any of the extra features of the Plus version, I just wanted to support the developer. The launcher truly changes the way you interact with the phone (in a good way). I couldn't imagine going back to stock.

LauncherPro [1]


[+4] [2010-09-26 16:47:54] m0j0
  • Scan2PDF Super useful for taking care of paper documents while on the move.
  • Action Complete This is just a GTD ToDo app, but I like it and it integrapes with a web app, so you can go back and forth.
  • ROM Manager I do a lot of ROM hacking, so this is only useful for people who do that, when it is a must-have.
  • Titanium Backup You'll wish you had the first time you install a new ROM

Do you have a link to Action Complete? I couldn't find it. - Matt
+1 for ROM Manager; theyve got an awesome product right there. - mfg
[+3] [2010-10-01 21:26:38] Joelbitar

TransDroid [1]

It's very easy to manage your torrents with this little app


I'm definitely trying this one. I set my Transmission install on my home server to monitor a folder in my Dropbox so I can drop torrent files in there and have them automatically start, and I've been kind of passively looking for a tool like this for a while now. - JonnyP
[+3] [2011-06-17 04:12:01] orange80

EasyTether is the best tethering app for OS X in my experience.

As an OS X user I originally started using PDANet with my Droid, but I had problems where my computer couldn't connect and would show a USB error until I restarted the whole machine. Nothing else helped, not even killing processes. I also found the menubar addition where you had to click connect to get it started with PDANet annoying.

EasyTether (on OS X) in contrast, just shows up as another device alongside Ethernet and AirPort in your Network Preferences. It has been absolutely trouble-free for me, I've never had any errors or issues. ("it just works!!") So for OS X users who need USB tethering on Android, I think EasyTether is the best choice. It is still useful even though I now have a Nexus S with 2.3.4 Gingerbread on it.

The reason it is still useful on Nexus S 2.3.4 is because the native USB tethering on the phone only supports Linux and Windows and NOT Mac OS X. You can of course use the Wifi hotspot with no problems, and the hotspot is super handy for iPad and other wifi-only devices (or for 2+ people sharing a connection), but when battery life is a major concern (such as in the car), the USB is still useful, and for me at least, the simplest way to make this work is with EasyTether.

One strange issue with EasyTether is that it does NOT support ICMP (ping) for some reason. I have no idea why this is. This drops it to a 9.5/10, but in reality even as a software dev ssh'ing into a lot of remote hosts, it does not bother me that much. If you absolutely must be able to ping and use other ICMP, you can do it via a remote SSH host, or you can actually run OpenVPN on your laptop and connect to an open vpn host on top of the EasyTether connection.

Hope this is useful!!

NOTE: I am NOT affiliated with the project in any way, I'm just very enthusiastic about software that does exactly what I need.

[+2] [2010-09-14 06:05:11] Dr.Dredel

I know if we get into games the list will go for ever, but I'm anxiously awaiting the full release of Angry Birds and will absolutely pay whatever they ask for it. (the free beta is in the market now, but unavailable on AT&T)

Yeah, such a great game but the install size is friggin HUGE! - ninjaPixel
[+2] [2010-09-19 10:19:35] mru

I paid for Titanium Backup, because it's the non-plus-ultra tool for backupping apps and user-/system data. Although it is free in the basic version, you can donate some money via paypal for more features and faster backups

Titanium Backup in the market

Today i've just bought SetCPU, because i think it will be able to save me a lot of battery power on my g1 and that is well worth to be paid the $1.99 it costs.

SetCPU in the market

Both apps require a rooted phone.

(2) SetCPU can be gotten from the xda forums for free. The link given is for the donate version. - Dmitriy Likhten
[+2] [2010-09-26 06:55:45] Willian Mitsuda

Remember the Milk - The UI has some small glitches, but it is worth it.

Edit: you can contribute translations fixes through this page: The portuguese translations had some typos, I submitted a fix and they went into last update.

Their web UI, however, is appallingly bad, and has languished unloved for years. - offby1
[+2] [2010-09-30 13:33:22] Scott

Gotta include Screebl Pro. Makes a huge difference, particularly when used with Locale. Nice app...

Does one very useful thing very well. Keeps the screen on when the phone is held at an angle. Excellent app. - pelms
[+2] [2010-09-30 13:59:26] Jay

Twidroyd Pro [1] - although it was Twidroid when I paid for it.


[+2] [2010-11-03 13:49:26] Commander Keen

Vignette [1] is a superb photo app. Love it!



[+2] [2011-03-05 13:23:43] Drew Noakes

I have really enjoyed HexDefense [1]. A very entertaining game.


[+2] [2011-03-22 01:31:08] JonnyP

PowerAmp [1]! Here's the unlocker that you pay for [2]!

Seriously, give this guy your money. PowerAmp is so much better than the stock music app in every single way, and even includes a preamp and EQ feature that work perfectly.

Also, it's pretty.


Agree. Supreme music player by far. - Chance
[+2] [2011-03-22 01:38:31] JonnyP

I've donated five bucks to Cyanogen for his ROM [1]. I'm running 6.2.1 atm and as soon as he releases a stable, non-RC version of 7 I'll be flashing that.

I know it's not an app, but I think it deserves to be on this list for being so damn good.


[+1] [2010-09-13 21:14:33] jonesdavide

Touiteur Premium - it has been my favorite Twitter app and has one of the best widgets.

[+1] [2010-10-20 22:10:38] c0mp13371331337

I've paid for about 40 apps over the course of my Android tenure, some of which I realized I don't really need and subsequently uninstalled (Task Killer, SetCPU, etc), some that were fun for a while and got tired of (most games), a few that I still have and use on a regular basis.

LauncherPro is probably the one that I've gotten the biggest bang for my buck. The free version in and of itself is phenomenal, coupled with the features provided by the paid version, it's absolutely unstoppable. I've tried many home replacements, LauncherPro is by far the best, IMOHO.

[+1] [2010-11-05 16:20:15] Cry Havok

Lookout Mobile Security

[+1] [2011-05-31 17:34:18] barrymac

I'm on a samsung galaxy and much work has been done to FIX this phone so I donated to Voodoo for fixing the sound and the filesystem and giving us access to the hardware EQ. Brilliant contributions!

I also paid for WebSMS as I send international texts and this saves me quite a bit.

Last one is Thinking Space. It's a lovely mind mapping app with "cloud support" as in you can save mind maps online. It's also compatible with a few major desktop mind mapping apps.

Another vote for Titanium Pro. Will add links later, must rush now.

[0] [2010-09-13 20:34:25] Strozykowski

Update As pointed out in the comments below, Paperdroid Pro is now abandonware, and the developer no longer responds to email.


I got ASTRO for free so it was donation - Maciej Piechotka
Paperdroid Pro is abandon-ware at this point. Doesn't work under CM611 on my G2. Sadly, the developer doesn't respond to email anymore. - sal
@sal, sadly this is true. I have been putting my "To Read" items into Evernote now, and keeping an offline notebook there. The latest beta builds of Evernote for Android are fairly stable, and the functionality is great. - Strozykowski
[0] [2010-09-14 19:07:37] Michael Paulukonis

Baby ESP [1] (Eat, Sleep, Poop) -- as of writing, my son is 1 month, 1 day old (it says so, right at the bottom of ESP). My wife and I use this app to track feedings, diaper changes, medicine, sleep patterns, etc. We each had to pay the $3.99 but the sync feature make it well worth it. The feature-list is great, development is on-going, and support is fast.


[0] [2010-09-30 11:13:07] gary comtois

Blow Up. Maybe not as addicting as RoboDefense was at first, but it's a fun game if you like blowing up buildings and pandas.

Appbrain link [1].

QR code:

alt text


[0] [2010-10-21 02:01:46] Sam

I haven't paid for any applications from the Android Market yet - only being able to use Google Checkout and my frugalness mostly contribute to this. Maybe the rumoured PayPal intergration will change this.

This is one advantage the iTunes Store ecosystem has over competing platforms, the sheer marketable audience with claimed 160M linked 1 click payments [1] is attractive to developers. Android Market paid applications are also available in many countries [2] as opposed to most.


[0] [2010-11-03 11:40:54] Martin Söderlund

I just paid for SlideIt keyboard app and it's immense. Here's how you can use it to improve your typing skills:

Very similar to Swype that comes bundled free with Samsung Galaxy S (and possibly other Samsung phones.) Changing to the Swype keyboard was one of the most joyful moments I've had with this phone. - Drew Noakes
[0] [2010-11-03 22:37:38] Taudris

Smart Keyboard Pro is amazing.

Tower Raiders GOLD is amazing.

Titanium Backup PRO is absolutely essential if you're into flashing ROMs.

[0] [2010-11-05 16:19:45] Cry Havok

Choice Dialler Plus - a brilliant voice control application

[0] [2010-11-05 16:21:38] Cry Havok

Ringleader Pro - in conjunction with Tasker Pro they make a brilliant combination.

[0] [2011-03-21 21:38:50] Sridhar Ratnakumar

Oxford Dictionary [1] from Handmark.

I like the good old Oxford, though this app is expensive ($20). None of the free dictionaries satisfy me ... they seem more like thesaurus when you get down to defining closely related words.


[0] [2011-05-14 11:18:38] Phil

Copilot maps [1] when I travelled in the US. Have a HTC desire and it was the perfect companion and lot cheaper than a traditional GPS!


[0] [2011-05-31 18:45:49] scottishwildcat

Have bought several, but rather than decide which one might be most useful, I'll just tell you the first one I bought (and still find useful) -- Advanced Call Blocker [1]. Handy for blocking unwanted marketing calls and suchlike.


[0] [2011-07-25 17:52:03] jlehenbauer

Wave Launcher [1] is one of the only apps i was willing to shell out for. i was a WebOS lover, so that makes me partial to this, but this is by far the easiest way to increase your app-switching productivity.


[0] [2011-08-02 00:14:47] user6987

I guess I will go with Javadoc app [1]. For Java developer its good to have Javadoc handy... That's why I wrote one :)


[0] [2011-11-19 18:42:55] offby1

GPS Status [1] - I don't use it all that much, but ... it's nicely done.

Unlock with Wi-Fi [2] - Simple and convenient.

RealCalc Plus [3] - So much better than the built-in calculator.


[0] [2011-11-19 19:03:06] Black-Pixel

JuiceDefender Ultimate [1]

It's an upgrade for the free JuiceDefender [2].

JuiceDefender is a powerful yet easy to use power manager app specifically designed to extend the battery life of your Android device. Packed with smart functions, it automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi.